How Coronavirus Has Changed Packaging Policies

As we’re marking the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in America, many facets of our lives and businesses have changed. That goes for packaging materials and supplies in Bryan, OH, too—and we can expect that these changes will last well into the future, even after the pandemic has ended. There’s an increased focus on hygiene and security, but with more people ordering online, businesses are looking for solutions to cut down on waste. Here are some of the ways COVID-19 has changed packaging policies.

Sanitation and hygiene are critical

Thanks to the rapidly-spreading virus and nationwide quarantines, keeping goods and packaging hygienic is even more of a focus than normal. This has changed how businesses pack and ship their goods—whereas before there was a move toward lightweight, sustainable packaging, now customers prefer safety above all.

This has led to a rise in single-use packaging, even though studies have shown consumers are unlikely to get COVID-19 from packaged goods. Since the virus spreads through respiratory droplets and eventually dies when it comes to rest on surfaces, it’s unlikely that anything sent through the mail will spread the disease. However, businesses are still focusing on disinfecting items and keeping in as little physical contact as possible.

Increased focus on security

Tamper-proof packaging is another important part of the COVID-19 changes. Although some folks are worried about their packages being stolen, most customers are more worried about their goods being contaminated by a third party. Shrink wrap, tamper-proof seals, tear-away lids and other secure packaging solutions can make it obvious if someone has interfered with your items.

Cutting down on packaging waste

Of course, with the increased emphasis on ordering through the mail, there has been a lot of excess packaging waste. This is partially due to the rise in online shopping, as well as the desire for tamper-proof and single-use packaging. Businesses are stuck between a rock and a hard place: on one hand, packaging costs are increasing, and so is the waste. On the other, they need their customers to feel safe, or they might go elsewhere.

One way to address this issue is to include information about how your customers can cut down on waste, either by recycling or bundling their orders. In the meantime, you might consider using smaller boxes or packages, which will cut down on the amount of waste with each order.

AI may be the wave of the future

Finally, automated packaging is increasing in popularity. We’ve all heard of the Amazon warehouse robots, but other businesses and manufacturers have long been using artificial intelligence for packaging. Since coronavirus is spread mostly through human contact, reducing the number of employees in your packaging area can increase customer confidence.

However you choose to address your packaging challenges, Lamberson Packaging Solutions is here to help. We’re a packaging and shrink wrap supplier in Bryan, OH with over a decade of experience in the industry. Call us today to discuss your packaging, warehouse and shipping options.

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