What Supplies Do I Need to Move?

Whether you’re moving your home, business or other facility, moving is an arduous task. You might be tempted to cut corners in an effort to save money—but if your possessions break in transit, you’ll end up paying more than you would if you had invested in quality packaging materials and supplies in Bryan, OH in the first place.

In addition to getting the right moving supplies, it’s important that you know how to use them effectively. Read on to find out which moving supplies are must-haves, and how to pack your possessions so they arrive safely at their destination.

Moving supplies

You’ll need the following materials for sure, and potentially some special packaging supplies, depending on whether you have oversized or particularly fragile items.

  • Cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Stretchy plastic wrap
  • Padded wrapping paper
  • Heavy duty packing tape
  • Sharpies
  • Furniture pads or blankets
  • Box cutters

If you’re moving your house, you might also add wardrobe boxes and mattress bags to the list. It’s also a good idea to have garbage bags and cleaning supplies on hand as you pack your items up.

How to use your moving supplies

Effective packing is more than throwing some items in a box and calling it a day. Here’s how to pack so your possessions are protected:

  • Boxes: When you’re packing boxes, it’s important to consider what kind of items you’re packing and how much they will weigh. For example, don’t buy one large box for all of your books. That will quickly become unwieldy and may break open in transit. Instead, pack several medium-sized boxes. The same goes for glassware, dishes and other heavy or fragile items. You can use large boxes for lightweight items like pillows, blankets, linens and more.
  • Bubble wrap: Wrap your items in bubble wrap, with the bubbles facing inward. This provides cushion for your breakable objects. Use small bubbles for items like dishes and glassware, and larger bubble wrap for vases, electronics and other large breakables.
  • Packing paper: This is usually clean brown paper, often with additional padding between layers. It can be used to cushion items like dishes, or you can use it to wrap smaller breakables. Non-padded packing paper can be crumpled and stuffed in empty spaces, so items in the box won’t slide around during transit.
  • Plastic stretch wrap: This stretchy plastic wrap is great for wrapping furniture. For example, if you have a chest of drawers, use the plastic to secure the drawers so they don’t fly out while you’re moving them. It can also be used to secure items together, or keep small things like utensils in their trays or other organizational tools.
  • Packing tape: Packing tape isn’t just for closing boxes. It can also be used to add additional support to boxes—reinforce the edges, and add a few crisscrossed strips to ensure nothing comes out of the boxes until you’re ready.

When you need packaging materials and supplies in Bryan, OH, call Lamberson Packaging Solutions. We have everything you need to move safely.

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