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Must Have Shipping Supplies for Your Business

Any business today that produces any type of product will need to have a way to get it into their end customer’s hands. To ensure that the product gets there on time, it will require a shipping and packaging process that will help to protect the items and keep everything organized. Companies must have business shipping […]

Pros And Cons of Using Bubble Wrap In Shipments

There are about three common packing materials used when selling or shipping products. At Lamberson Packaging Solutions in Ohio, we provide an array of products designed to protect your products when shipping them.  However, whether fragile or not, bubble wrap is one of the best options when you want to ship or transport your products. […]

Shipping Perishables in the Summer

The warmer weather during the summer is certainly great for outdoor activity. However, it can make shipping perishables in the summer a bit of a challenge, with some asking, “Should I ship during the summer?” Sometimes you cannot wait for the fall or winter. The following tips for shipping perishables in the summer will allow you […]

Tips for Reducing Uncertainty When Shipping Containers

Shipping is at the heart of global trade as millions of tons of goods are shipped worldwide each month. However, as a trader, there’s usually a lot of uncertainty about when the items you are shipping will arrive at their intended destination and whether they will get there safely. Here are 10 shipping container tips […]

What to Know About Shipping Perishable Items in the Summer

If you have perishable items you need to ship this summer, it’s important that you follow all of the proper protocols and precautions to make sure your items arrive at their destination safely. A failure to do so could result in your cargo spoiling along its journey. Here are a few best practices to keep […]