Why Are Edge Protectors Important for Shipping?

There’s nothing worse than opening an eagerly-anticipated package, only to find out that the contents were damaged during shipping—unless you’re the business owner and that shipping damage cuts into your bottom line. Boxes are often damaged when stacked on pallets—forklift accidents and dropping can lead to damaged, dented and torn boxes around the perimeter of […]

How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

Moving your home or office is a very stressful time filled with activity and anxiety. You’re worried about getting settled in your new place, making sure that all of your belongings will fit and stressing over everyone doing their part in making sure the process is smooth and seamless. One thing in particular that many […]

Five Tips on How to Pack a Moving Truck

Anyone who has ever loaded a dishwasher knows that many people have different definitions of what a “well-packed” machine really entails. This can be a source of domestic discord, but it’s hardly the end of the world if the bowls are on the bottom rack instead of the top one. This can change when it […]

What Are the Differences Between Corrugated and Cardboard Boxes?

You need packing or shipping supplies. You’ve heard the terms “cardboard boxes” and “corrugated boxes,” and you’re wondering which you should choose. To decide, you need to know the differences between corrugated and cardboard boxes in OH. Here’s the scoop. Cardboard cartons This type of carton is made of heavy paper-pulp or thick paper. Manufacturers […]

Why Should I Label Moving Boxes?

Moving is a huge undertaking. There are so many logistics to handle and so many pieces that have to come together to get you into your new home. In the midst of the madness, one small detail can make a huge impact: moving box labels in OH. The simple act of labeling your moving boxes […]