Packaging Solutions: How to Pack and Ship Heavy Items

If you’re sending a heavier package, it’s up to you to ensure that the item is packed well enough to arrive at its destination intact. The box needs to be able to withstand getting dropped, temperature changes, vibrations and compression from all sides. Ultimately, the better the packing job, the safer the box will be […]

Common Shipping Problems and How to Resolve Them

Shipping and receiving packages is a part of many people’s lives these days. However, while it’s a convenient service, shipping can be a real pain at times—especially when you’re a small business. There’s a process involved in sending products to your customers, from printing shipping labels to packing orders to dropping packages off at a […]

What Is Minimalist Packaging?

Any savvy entrepreneur understands that turning a one-time customer into a repeat customer is about more than providing a great product at an agreeable price. That’s a big part of it, of course, but to keep today’s customers satisfied, you have to construct a smooth, engaging experience from beginning to end. That means making sure […]

A Guide to Keeping Food Fresh During Shipping

Being far away from home for any length of time can be tough. Whether you’re off to school, you’re traveling on business or you’re relocating permanently, adjusting to a new place and missing the details from your old home are only natural. When you’re homesick, few things offer the same level of relief as a […]

Stretch Wrap vs. Shrink Wrap: What Are They Used For?

Businesses of all types use stretch wrap and shrink wrap in OH to keep products intact during transportation. Both are useful for protecting products and keeping shipments together throughout the supply chain process. While stretch wrap and shrink wrap are often confused with one another, there are key differences. These differences affect which one you […]