Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Freight Shipments

Whether you’re shipping a single item across the country or you have enough items to fill an entire truck, it’s critical that your packages make it to their final destination in one piece. After all, there’s no point trying to get your goods from one place to another if they arrive smashed or broken. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent damage to your shipped goods.

Here are some tips to keep your packages intact, courtesy of Lamberson Packaging Solutions, one of the highest-quality shipping supply stores in Ohio.

Pick good material

Every properly-shipped item begins with the right packaging. Remember that your packaging’s purpose isn’t just to protect your valuables, but also to keep foreign elements out. Ensure that any cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials are free of holes, cracks and other imperfections.

Choose the right size

Once you’ve picked packing material that’s in good shape, make sure it’s the right size. Whatever you’re shipping should fit in the package snugly, with little to no wiggle room. The less your package moves around while inside the box, the lower the odds that damage will occur.

Fill the void

Shipped items come in all shapes and sizes, and even the best-outfitted quality shipping supply stores in Ohio might not have a box that will fit your items perfectly. That’s where packaging insulation comes in. Products like Styrofoam, bubble wrap and biodegradable options help protect your package from bumps along its journey.

Don’t sleep on the tape

When you finally get your product boxed up and ready to ship, it’s time to make sure your box is closed securely. When that time comes, make sure to use the right tape for the job. There’s a reason it’s called “packaging” tape—options like Scotch tape and duct tape won’t keep your package closed on its journey, and there’s no sense going to the trouble of correctly packaging your item only to have the box open up while in transit.

Label clearly

The smartest way to ensure your package avoids significant damage is to make sure it stays on a truck for as little time as possible. That means ensuring your package is clearly labeled with a destination address and a return address. This will minimize the chances that your box gets shipped to the wrong place, thus needing more transportation time before it arrives where it’s supposed to go.

Start packaging today

For over a decade, the team at Lamberson Packaging Solutions has built a reputation for excellence in the world of shipping and packaging. We understand how important your packages are, and that’s why we provide a wide assortment of shipping accessories designed to make your shipping project that much easier.

Visit our quality shipping supply store in Ohio to get everything you need to make sure your valuable packages get there safely. If you’re unsure about how best to package your items, one of our friendly staff members will be delighted to help out. Contact us today to find out more.

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