Your Guide to Recyclable Packaging Products

Enterprising packaging and shipping material suppliers know their Ohio consumers seek to create a smaller carbon footprint on this Earth. That means investing in recyclable packaging products. However, this can often become a confusing ordeal, as recyclable materials are not always labeled as such. If you seek greener alternatives for your packaging, here are five recyclable materials to use:

  • Paper: Paper is the ultimate green material. It is biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. If you have extra flyers or other excess non-confidential documents, consider balling them up and using them to cushion your shipments. You can also shred paper to use as a shipping material, but we do not recommend this for confidential documents. Even if your customers do not have easy access to recycling services, you can rest assured that paper packaging will dissolve and not harm the environment.
  • Cardboard: Just like with paper, cardboard is biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. Boxes may be reused for storage many times before they are no longer serviceable, and then they can just be sent away with the recycling. Many customers with curbside recycling can easily send your shipping boxes away without environmental impact. Cardboard can go through five to seven recycling cycles until it is harmlessly disposed of, and then it simply biodegrades. Besides boxes, cardboard is also replacing Styrofoam as a way to keep fragile items safe. These alternatives are also a big hit with consumers, so you will likely retain more buyers once they realize their packages do not come with a large mess.
  • Bubble wrap: Yes, you read that correctly—clean bubble wrap can be picked up in curbside recycling. It is made of easily recycled plastic, just like yogurt containers, soda bottles and milk jugs. Just encourage customers to rinse the bubble wrap off first before dropping it into recycling bins.
  • Glass: Another infinitely recyclable material, glass is also tremendously reusable. When recycled, glass can go through several cycles without losing its purity and durability. For reuse, it is easily sterilized, which makes it unique from plastic and paper. Approximately 3.35 million tons of glass are recycled and repurposed for new containers and fiberglass, which shows your consumer will definitely follow through on making sure your glass containers stay out of the landfill. If you use glass for your materials, cushion it with cardboard or biodegradable materials to keep your items intact.
  • Biodegradable materials: If you cannot find a recyclable option for your packaging, keep a look out for new biodegradable alternatives. Styrofoam and plastic are now offered in new plant-based options that will not pollute the planet, and instead merely dissolve into the ground. You can find these materials in peanut and wrap forms while also maintaining the safety and integrity of each shipment.

Lamberson Packaging Solutions is among the packaging and shipping material suppliers in Ohio who offer recyclable shipping materials. These materials will enhance your green image, impress your customers and make you a willing partner in trends towards green business. Call or visit today to find greener shipping solutions for your products.

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