What Are the Differences Between Corrugated and Cardboard Boxes?

You need packing or shipping supplies. You’ve heard the terms “cardboard boxes” and “corrugated boxes,” and you’re wondering which you should choose. To decide, you need to know the differences between corrugated and cardboard boxes in OH. Here’s the scoop.

Cardboard cartons

This type of carton is made of heavy paper-pulp or thick paper. Manufacturers typically use this material for a variety of applications, such as packaging for their products, structural support, inserts to stabilize items or to make small containers.

This material is appropriate for boxes that are used for shipping. However, cardboard does not provide significant protection for the contents. If cardboard cartons are used, it is recommended that packers also include protective materials such as bubble wrap to prevent breakage of any fragile contents.

Corrugated cartons

The most important thing to remember about the differences between corrugated and cardboard materials in OH is that corrugated cartons offer a more heavy-duty solution than cardboard cartons. These containers are made of three layers of material, rather than just one. The interior and exterior layers surround a middle layer that features ridges that make it more stable and resistant to damage.

While corrugated cartons are made of thicker material, they are still lightweight. This makes them great for shipping. They can withstand more temperature changes, moisture and shocks than cardboard, without adding too much weight to the package.

Which option is best?

Both corrugated and cardboard containers are useful for various situations. If you are packing lightweight items such as clothing, cardboard is a good solution. If you suspect that your package will undergo a lot of handling with potential for harsh impact and temperature fluctuations that could damage a fragile item, then corrugated is probably a better option.

Often, the more durable material is needed for items that will be transferred from a warehouse, to another warehouse, to a delivery truck and finally to a home. The multiple trips and locations make it likely that the contents of the container will require extra protection to make it safely to their destination.

Often, businesses that ship products to their customers rely on corrugated solutions for their packaging. Individuals who need moving boxes or a single box to ship a birthday present to their grandmother in Florida may only need cardboard boxes to suit their needs.

How to choose

If you’re unsure which shipping or packing option to choose, consult with packaging supply experts. These professionals can review your needs and help you select the best option for your situation. They are intimately familiar with the differences between corrugated and cardboard boxes in OH and can effectively choose the material that will work well for your needs.

We have the cartons you need

At Lamberson Packaging Solutions, we understand the differences between corrugated and cardboard materials in OH. We proudly offer thousands of quality products to meet all your packaging needs. Contact our experts to find the best solution for your next shipment—reach us today at 419-485-3025 with any questions or to get started on your next packaging project.

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