Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Whether you’re shipping goods or moving locations, packing your fragile items properly will make a world of difference in making sure they reach their destination in one piece. There are two keys to packing fragile items in Ohio: taking your time to do it right, and ensuring you have the right packing materials to protect them.

Supplies you’ll need

  • Boxes: When choosing boxes, remember that smaller is better. You don’t want to overload large boxes with too many items, which can increase the chance of breakage. Aim for medium to small boxes, depending on the size of the items you’re packing.
  • Bubble wrap and other cushioning: Bubble wrap helps cushion your fragile items and can fill empty spaces in the boxes for extra padding. Packing peanuts, newspaper and even old clothing can also be used.
  • Tape: You’ll need Scotch tape, painter’s tape and packing tape to secure your packages.
  • Scissors: Scissors are helpful to have on hand to trim excess packing material, cut tape and more.
  • Pliable cardboard: Finally, pliable cardboard adds cushioning and structure inside the boxes.

How to pack delicate things

  • Glassware and vases: To pack glassware, wrap each glass in newspaper or bubble wrap and tuck the excess inside the cup. Tape them closed. If you’re packing stemware, be sure to wrap that up as well. Place the glasses inside a box lined with newspaper, and stuff newspaper, packing peanuts or other padding inside to fill up the empty spaces, then seal the box and mark it “FRAGILE” on all sides.
  • Plates: Similar to glassware, individually wrap each plate in bubble wrap or newspaper, then stack inside a lined box. Fill the empty spaces with cushioning and repeat the same procedure outlined above.
  • Mirrors and sheet glass: In order to safely pack these items, you should first apply painter’s tape across the middle of the mirror or glass, forming a star shape that meets in the middle. Use edge or frame protectors around the sides of the glass, which will help cushion the mirror and prevent it from shattering. Wrap the entire thing in bubble wrap and use a corrugated mirror box to protect it.
  • Irregularly-shaped items: When you’re wrapping oddly-shaped or pointy items, remember that sharp edges can pop bubble wrap and cause the item to break during transport. Foam covers and edge protectors can help cushion the item and won’t deflate during shipping. Packing peanuts and newspaper offer additional support and cushioning. If stacking, use cardboard to layer between items.

Solutions for packing your fragile items in Ohio

Packing and shipping supplies are a must for nearly every business and homeowner on the planet—and when you need supplies to get your fragile items to their destination intact, we can help. Lamberson Packaging Solutions provides more than 18,000 different packaging products to suit all of your shipping needs. From boxes and bubble wrap to mops and trash bags, we’ve got the goods to support your business or help your family move to your new home. Reach out to us today to get started.

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