Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Clean

Keeping your warehouse space tidy and neat is a priority for any business for a number of reasons. It can help with employee morale, for starters, since they’ll feel that they’re in a space that values their comfort and their ability to work efficiently. It can also improve worker safety, since keeping everything right where it needs to be is a great way to reduce the odds of an accident. Additionally, it can make for a more efficient and productive working schedule, since your workers can move freely and find that everything is right where they were expecting it to be.

As leaders in the packaging industry, Lamberson Packaging Solutions knows a thing or two about warehouse cleaning tips in OH. We’re happy to share some of what we’ve learned below.

Supplies are key

If your workers can’t find cleaning supplies, or they’re constantly running low or running out, then you’re being counterproductive and not giving them the tools they need to keep things tidy. One warehouse cleaning tip in OH that we always stick to is making sure our cleaning supplies are ordered frequently enough to ensure there’s never any shortages or empty supply closets. You also want to make sure there are trash bins throughout the warehouse that are emptied consistently—this type of “clean-as-you-go” approach can help make sure problems don’t mount up over time and give you a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

Watch your layout

The physical layout of your warehouse is key to increasing efficiency, cleanliness and worker morale. You can clearly mark where certain items are located on a map so that workers both old and new have something to frequently consult when they’re looking to retrieve or stock items. Also, you can consider painting markings onto the floor to make this process even more intuitive and worker-friendly.

Another part of your layout that you probably want to consider is the addition of barriers—these can help workers stay focused on where they should be walking and keep them out of the way of areas that could potentially be dangerous, like loading docks or forklift operating areas. Warehouse cleaning tips in OH are frequently just about making spacers safe and worker-friendly.

Keep on top of spills

Spills are a very easy way to have injuries occur in a warehouse setting, so do everything you can to establish plans, supplies and procedures ahead of time. You want to make sure areas are cordoned off and that spill kits are immediately put to use. If your warehouse contains dangerous or abrasive liquids, make sure you have the proper safety equipment on hand at all times to protect your workers from any potential injury that could result from these materials.

Warehouse cleanliness and safety is mostly about preparation and vigilance. You want to make sure your crews always have what they need to deal with any situations that might arise, so be in close contact with your employees so they feel supported and heard. We can also discuss additional tips with you at any time given our years of experienced working within warehouse environments. Contact Lamberson Packaging Solutions today for more warehouse cleaning tips in OH!

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