Tips for Packing for the Snow or Rain

It would be nice if you only had to move during warm, sunny weather, but this isn’t always possible. Sometimes, you’ll have to brave rain or snow during a move. When this happens, it’s important to prep properly for the inclement weather. This includes waterproof packing in OH.

Use the following tips to prepare your belongings for transport in the snow or rain. For more information, contact your local packing experts at Lamberson Packaging Solutions.

Protect furniture

Moisture can cause permanent damage to furniture, so it’s essential to cover items before you move them. Use a plastic cover for mattresses and any upholstered furniture. Keep in mind that wooden pieces can also suffer from exposure to snow or rain. To avoid warping or expansion, cover these items with plastic as well. Additionally, disassemble furniture as much as possible. This will allow you to wrap individual pieces more effectively.

Waterproof containers

Consider using plastic containers or other options that provide waterproof storage for your belongings. If you decide to use standard boxes, take steps to waterproof them. Line the interiors of the boxes with plastic drop cloths or garbage bags. Additionally, place small items in Ziploc bags or plastic grocery bags. This extra layer of protection will help prevent damage if any boxes are exposed to moisture.

Use labels

When you pack dishes, you probably know to label the box “fragile.” Use similar labeling for items that could be damaged by moisture. As movers stack items in the truck during snowy or rainy weather, it is inevitable that some moisture will be present on tarps, boxes and other items. If you use any non-waterproof containers for items that should not get wet at all, be sure to label these boxes “keep dry.”

Reinforce boxes

Keep in mind that moisture wreaks havoc on cardboard. Once wet, a regular box offers little strength and can break open, spilling out the contents and ruining them in the process. For waterproof packing in OH, reinforce boxes with extra packing tape on the seams as well as the corners.

Protect your surroundings

In addition to the belongings you will move, think about the rest of your surroundings that might be affected by rain or snow. Will you or your movers be making multiple trips in and out of the snow over carpeting? Are there hardwood floors that might become slick while furniture is being moved out of the home? Use appropriate tarps and non-skid pads to protect flooring and keep everyone safe during your move.

Get more tips

For more tips on waterproof packing in OH or to stock up on the packing supplies you need, contact Lamberson Packaging Solutions. Family owned, we’ve been serving the greater Bryan, Ohio area for 15 years. We offer our customers the best product selection, fast delivery and competitive pricing. We’re also proud to offer over 18,000 quality products from trusted brands like 3M, Sealed Air, Tape Logic, Rubbermaid, Ivex and many more. We are your single-source answer for all your packaging needs. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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