Should I Invest in a Back Support Belt?

If you’ll be doing any heavy lifting or other strenuous movements, this is an important question to ask. Remember, you only get one back, so it’s essential to protect it. If you are considering investing in a warehouse back support belt in OH, review the following benefits to guide your decision.

Financial savings

While physical benefits are a top consideration for warehouse back support belts in OH, these accessories also offer financial benefits. Back injuries cost U.S. employers billions of dollars per year. Employees also bear costs, as they cover medical deductibles, pain medication or other healthcare bills. If a back support belt prevents an injury, it will be well worth the minor financial investment to protect yourself from major costs.

Injury treatment

Back support belts offer both prevention and treatment benefits. If you have suffered a back injury in the past, wearing this item can provide the support your back needs to heal. It can also help prevent new injuries.

Posture correction

Many back injuries occur because people assume improper posture while lifting or twisting. Warehouse back support belts in OH add stability and encourage correct posture to protect the body during strenuous movements.

Abdominal support

Most warehouse back support belts in OH wrap around the entire body. This creates protection for the abdominal muscles as well, which can be torn or ruptured during heavy lifting.

Proper use

Of course, to reap these benefits of a back support belt, you must use the item correctly. One of the keys to this is choosing the correct belt size. A belt that is too big is not snug enough to provide any support. One that is too small will not provide appropriate support and will also be uncomfortable to wear.

It can be helpful to try different styles of warehouse back support belts in OH to find one that suits you best. Look for trusted brands that are known for offering quality products. Lamberson Packaging Solutions carries a full line of back support belts to suit every need.

Once you’ve chosen the right style and size for your needs, wear it correctly. The belt does not need to be fully tightened at all times, but only during heavy lifting.

Lastly, remember to practice healthy lifting methods. Just because you’re wearing a back support belt doesn’t mean you can slack off on best practices. Use a partner for two-person lifting jobs. Lift with the legs, not the back. Maintain proper posture at all times. Keeping your back and abdominal muscles fit through regular exercise can also help prevent injuries.

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