How to Properly Pack a Moving Box

Moving to a new home or apartment is an exciting time, but packing up all of your possessions for the move can be a very overwhelming process. When done incorrectly, you might find yourself just as frustrated trying to unbox all of your belongings at your new home as you were during the packing process at your old one. For a seamless transition from one home to the next, without all of the hassle that can come with the process, here are a few packing tips in OH on how to pack a moving box.

Select the right materials

Heavily worn boxes can fall apart after too many uses, putting everything you’ve packed inside them at risk. For this reason, it’s best to get either new or very lightly used boxes for packing, especially for the transport of fragile items. After you have your boxes, make sure to reinforce the bottoms and seams with two-inch wide packing tape. You will also need packing peanuts, bubble wrap, paper or foam to cover the individual items to help prevent them from shifting and breaking if they are knocked around in transit.

Use the right box

To further prevent damage during shipping, make sure to pack boxes that can be safely lifted without too much difficulty, which usually means around 30 pounds or less. It is important to not over-pack the box, as they can burst open when being moved, but it is just as important to make sure the box is sufficiently filled so the items are not shifting around freely in all of the extra space. You can avoid this unwanted movement by making sure to pack the box tightly, using a thick layer of paper or bubble wrap to create a layer on the bottom, and foam peanuts to fill in any gaps. Add another layer of padding on top, then securely shut the top of the box with packing tape.

Stay organized

You can also save a ton of time and avoid frustration by keeping all of your boxes organized while you’re packing them. Fill the boxes in their corresponding rooms in your home, and avoid mixing items from multiple areas. This will make unpacking that much smoother and can help prevent damage that can be caused when certain types items are packed together. Make sure to mark each box with a room designation and its contents for easy unpacking in your new home, and so your movers will be aware of which boxes need to be handled with extra care.

Here at Lamberson Packaging Solutions, we know how challenging packing up your entire home can be, which is why we’re ready to supply you with everything you need to make the process that much easier. Moving into a new home is a fresh start that you should be able to enjoy without having to stress about how you’ll secure your most valuable items, and with our help, you can keep your possessions protected and organized effectively. For more packing tips in OH and to check out our inventory, please visit or contact us today.

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