Do I Need Edge Protectors on My Boxes?

Shipping is a crucial part of your business. The damage that can occur during shipping can hurt your bottom line. Not only do you want to avoid damaging your product, you also want to ensure your box maintains integrity from the warehouse to your client.

There are many opportunities throughout the supply chain for your shipment to become damaged. One of the most common reasons boxes are damaged during shipping is that pallets are not properly fortified. When you want to protect your inventory and keep costs down, you need to invest in edge protectors in OH.

What are edge protectors?

Edge protectors are easily applied by placing them on the outside corners of stacked rows of boxes to protect the edges and corners of the pallet. Edge protectors need to stay in place in order to effectively protect the boxes, so they must be secured. Edge protectors are commonly secured with stretch film, poly strapping or steel strapping.

Edge protectors are made of recycled paperboard, fiberboard or plastic. The rigid L shape of the edge protector not only protects the boxes, but also helps to stabilize the pallet. They add extra support so that pallets can be double stacked. Edge protectors improve the stability, stacking strength and corner strength of boxes during moving and shipping. They also help provide uniform weight distribution. Business owners use edge protectors in OH for these benefits and more.

Types of edge protectors

When selecting edge protectors for your shipping pallets, you first need to consider how heavy the load is. Edge protectors come in three varieties: light, medium and heavy-duty. Heavy-duty edge protectors are made from fiberboard or durable plastic. Fragile items like glass or electronics will require a heavy-duty protector. Sturdy items might only need light-duty edge protectors.

You’ll also need to consider the height of the pallet. If you’re only stacking a few feet high, you can use smaller edge protectors. If you’ll be stacking the boxes higher, you need longer protectors that you can custom fit for your shipment.

If you’re worried about damaging the boxes by applying edge protectors, you can use foam edge and corner protectors. This will make sure your boxes still look their best when your customer receives them.

You can also buy specialty edge protectors to protect boxes from pallet straps. Plastic strap guards and strapping protectors protect boxes from tight straps used when pallets are moved. These edge protectors are either fiberboard or plastic and are reusable.

Some edge protectors come with special directions. You can buy protectors with messages like “Do Not Double Stack” so that warehouse workers and freight handlers know to be careful with fragile loads.

At Lamberson Packaging Solutions, we know that it can be hard to ensure the integrity of your shipments throughout the supply chain. We provide our customers with the edge protectors in OH that they need. Browse our product selection online or give us a call to find out more about how we can help you.

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