Warehouse Cleaning Tips

Keeping your warehouse clean and organized will help it run efficiently. Something as simple as choosing specific places for warehouse supplies will help save a lot of time.

Warehouse organization and safety also go hand in hand. When your warehouse is properly organized, you won’t have to worry as much about employee injuries. If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your warehouse, start developing a routine cleaning schedule right away.

Having trouble getting started? Below, you’ll find several great warehouse cleaning tips. Use them to turn your warehouse into a well-oiled machine:

  • Don’t leave messes: One of the quickest ways to create a dirty warehouse is by leaving messes for someone else to clean up. Make sure all employees understand the importance of cleaning up after themselves. If it’s getting close to quitting time, employees should start cleaning their messes instead of waiting for the next shift to take care of them.
  • Create a cleaning schedule: Nothing helps people remember to do something like a visual reminder. Hang up a calendar with a list of cleaning tasks that require completion before the end of the day. These tasks might include mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, etc.
  • Label everything: When employees know where to find something, they won’t have to waste time searching all over the warehouse. In addition to labeling shelves and drawers, you could also label pallet positions and forklift routes, which will help with both warehouse organization and safety.
  • Empty your trash cans: An overflowing trash will send garbage all over the place. Avoid this by having employees empty trash cans before they get too full. You might even consider having someone routinely check each trash can.
  • Keep cleaning supplies in an easy-to-find spot: For these warehouse cleaning tips to work effectively, it’s important employees can find cleaning supplies. Make sure every employee knows where to find paper towels, brooms, cleaning solutions, etc. It’s usually best to keep all your cleaning supplies in one place. Employees should return cleaning supplies to the correct station after using them.
  • Place items carefully: Proper organization can help increase warehouse efficiency and safety. A great tip for improving warehouse organization is keeping all high-volume products near the loading dock. This will allow employees to quickly and efficiently load trucks without having to run back and forth.
  • Clean spills as soon as possible: Employees should never pass by a spill without setting up a wet floor sign and then cleaning it. Even the smallest spills could cause someone to trip and greatly injure themselves. If the spill involves a dangerous chemical, make sure employees wear the right safety gear before attempting to clean it.

Need help organizing your warehouse?

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