How to Choose the Right Packaging Supplies for Your Business

When you’re trying to choose the best packaging supplies for your business’s products, it can quickly become overwhelming. That’s especially true if you sell items that are fragile or otherwise difficult to ship. What kind of wholesale packaging supplies should you choose?

Obviously, whenever you ship your products, you want them to get from point A to point B unharmed. Here’s a guide to choosing the right packaging supplies to meet that goal.

General overview

One of the most important factors to consider: it costs less to pay for quality packing materials than it does to replace damaged products. Here are three ways you can plan for success:

  • Think about what your product needs: First, consider your product itself, and whether it’s already in custom packaging. If you’re transporting priceless breakable art pieces, for example, you’ll probably need to choose several different packaging methods (bubble wrap, packing paper, Styrofoam peanuts) to make sure each delicate piece is adequately supported and protected. On the other hand, if you’re shipping books across the country, your main concern should be making sure the corners don’t get damaged. If the product has its own packaging, consider what else it might need to protect it during transportation, loading and unloading.
  • Choose the right size: Size matters when it comes to shipping. If you choose a box that’s too big, your items are more likely to bounce around inside. If it’s too small, you may not have enough room to add protective packing material. It’s also smart to consider weight. For example, if you’re shipping books, shipping several smaller, lighter boxes is better than a 100-pound behemoth.
  • Consider ergonomics: Finally, make sure your packaging is easy to open when the customer or store receives it. If you’re shipping something particularly fragile, like glass, mirrors, dishes or art, choose packaging that won’t confuse the customer and cause breakage when opening.

Best packaging supplies for businesses

As a business owner, it’s important to have the right packaging supplies on hand to ensure your products reach their destinations intact. Here are our top recommendations:

  • Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap comes in different bubble sizes, which provide cushion for even the heaviest items. It’s also very lightweight, which can keep costs down. Use bubble wrap to cushion dishware, glasses and other breakables. The only downside to bubble wrap is that it’s more expensive than packing paper, and you’ll use more of it.
  • Packing paper: Packing paper is a great solution for smaller breakable items, and things that need a little extra cushioning. It’s also cost-effective. Packing paper is a great solution to protect book edges, small kitchen items and items that might scratch or chip if they bump together.
  • Packing foam: Finally, packing foam (peanuts, sheets, pouches, corner guards and more) is a lightweight protective solution. It’s not as inexpensive as packing paper, but it’s versatile. Protect frames and mirrors with corner guards and use sheets to cushion dishware—then protect the whole box with foam peanuts.

When you need the best wholesale packaging supplies for your business, Lamberson Packaging Solutions has you covered. We offer over 18,000 packaging products to choose from—call today to get started.

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