Tips to Help You Start Packing for Your Move

Moving to a new home is hard work, and that hard work isn’t just limited to the physical process of moving all your belongings. Packing also takes a lot of time and can be quite the chore as well.

Fortunately, we have a bunch of tips for you to get started with the right packaging supplies in Bryan, OH and to make the process in general go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few pointers:

  • Start packing early: You can expect to spend the equivalent of at least three or four full days packing for a typical three-bedroom house, assuming you have all your packing supplies and don’t run into any delays. The earlier you get started, the less stressful the process will be and the smoother it will go. You can get started weeks or even months in advance, focusing on items that don’t get a lot of use first (seasonal items, guest room items, other rarely used items).
  • Start anywhere: After you go through items you aren’t actively using, you can really get started with any room in your house. While you might not want to start with the kitchen—you still need to eat, after all—don’t leave it for the last minute, either. It will usually take the longest to pack because of all the breakable items that need to be wrapped and all of the appliances you have to protect.
  • Create a packing area: Set up an area in your home for packing that gives you all of your boxes, tape, scissors and other supplies. Bring items into your packing zone. If you wish, you can move your zone around the home as you start to switch rooms, but there should always be a dedicated area where you can pack up your items that’s kept fully stocked with all the essentials.
  • Label packages: Failure to label packages is a massive mistake you should avoid at all costs. You’re going to lose track of which items are in which boxes unless you clearly label them. On the box, write the room it belongs in, what is packed inside, whether it’s fragile and if there’s a specific side that needs to be placed up. This helps not only you, but anyone who’s going to help you with the move.
  • Make sure your boxes are up to the task: You can probably find a lot of free cardboard boxes, but if you’re using cardboard, make sure it’s actually capable of holding up to what you want to move. Avoid flimsy materials that collapse as you try to move them. You can find boxes that are meant for residential moving and should be able to handle whatever you need to transport.
  • Purge: Do a big purge of items you don’t need before you move so you don’t pack them and move them unnecessarily. Try to avoid being overly sentimental in this process. Make a list of items you should not pack because you’re going to throw them out or donate them.
  • Get help: The job goes a lot faster when you have someone to help you through it!

For more information to help you through the packing process, or to stock up on moving boxes in Bryan, OH, reach out to the experts at Lamberson Packing Solutions.

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