The Perfect Moving Checklist

When moving to a new home in Bryan, OH, it’s important that you don’t miss anything. Forgetting to pack certain items, failing to apply packing labels to your boxes or not requesting enough time off work may result in disastrous consequences. The best way of avoiding these simple mistakes is utilizing a good checklist. The items featured on a moving checklist can vary from person to person, but there are some things everyone needs to do during the moving process, no matter the circumstances.

Get an idea of what to include in your moving checklist by looking at the tasks listed below. If you’re ready to get started on your move, consider working with a top-quality packing service in your area. This can help save plenty of time and take a lot of stress away from your move.

Create the checklist

Make this checklist specific to your personal moving needs. If you have children, for example, you might include a point about researching schools in your new area. Those with pets might need to ensure their animals are kept somewhere safe on moving day. It’s easy to miss something with so much going on. A checklist will help ensure everything is in order.

Keep all your important documents in a specific place

You might consider using a folder or something similar to house all the important documents related to your move. These documents will likely include lease information, bills and more. It’s good to keep all other important documents together as well, which might include birth certificates and Social Security information.

Decide what to do with your items

You need to decide which items you want to keep. Put all these items in a special place, then decide if you’d rather sell or donate your other items. You could sell these other items online or host a garage sale.

Check out local packing and moving services

Once you’ve decided on all the stuff you want to bring with you, consider contacting a local packing service. Packing services make moving a whole lot easier and safer, and can save you a ton of time in the days leading up to your move.

Book a moving truck

If you’ve decided against utilizing a professional moving company, you’ll need to book your own moving truck. This is best done several weeks in advance, as it gives you plenty of time to double-check all the items you’re wanting to bring.

Purchase the right supplies

It’s usually a good idea to go ahead and purchase moving boxes or other packaging materials in preparation for your move to a new Bryan, OH home. This will give you specific places to start storing your items.

Measure your larger items

You’ll need to make sure your larger items can fit through the doors without being disassembled. If you don’t properly measure your items, they could end up getting damaged during the move. Improperly measured items may also take up more room in the moving truck than you’d planned.

Say goodbye to your old home

You’ve likely made some great memories in your old home. Don’t forget to give your old home one last goodbye before you leave.

Say hello to your new one

Moving into a new place is exciting. After all the hard work you’ve been through, it’s good to take the time to appreciate your new home.

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