Follow These Tips to Get the Most Life Out of Your Pallet Truck

When it comes to moving items around in a warehouse, a pallet jack is a must-have item. Just like any tool or vehicle, pallet jacks have to be inspected and maintained to ensure they’re both safe and functional. This post from your pallet jack suppliers in Ohio will cover some of the best practices for maintaining your pallet jacks:

  • Ensure proper usage:First and foremost, it’s essential that all workers understand how to correctly use the pallet jack. Ensure they know how to move the jack bath and forth and know that they can never overload it. Any misuse of a pallet jack can resort in injuries, damaged goods or a broken jack.
  • Check the oil: Just like with your vehicle, you should check the oil level in your pallet jack every few months. We also recommend topping off or replacing the oil every year. Old oil or low oil levels make the pallet jack more difficult to operate and could cause permanent damage.
  • Lubricate the pallet:Bearings and axels must also stay lubricated to help your pallet jack move seamlessly throughout your warehouse. Lubricating the jack every month may seem like overkill, but it’s the best way to ensure you get the most out of your pallet jack. Additionally, don’t forget to lubricate it after you clean your jack.
  • Protect the wheels:Your pallet jack is essentially useless if its wheels stop working. Before usage, check to ensure that they’re free of dirt and debris, as these contaminants can wear down the lifespan of the wheels. You’ll also want to watch out for curbs or other obstacles along your route that could damage the wheels and even your cargo.

Is it time for a new pallet jack?

Even after following all of the steps above, you’ll still need to buy a new one through your pallet jack suppliers in Ohio from time to time. Here are a few of the signs that it’s time to shop for a new pallet jack:

  • Yours is underperforming: As it gets older, your current pallet jack may not work as well as it used to. If so, ditch it and purchase a new one. A brand-new pallet jack will be able to meet all of your needs for years to come—just be sure to take good care of it!
  • Maintenance costs are rising: Pallet jacks often require more maintenance as they age. This routine maintenance and subsequent repairs aren’t always cheap. Take a moment to analyze how much you’re spending on maintenance. If it’s a ton of money, just buy a new pallet jack.
  • Your business is expanding: As a company grows, so does its needs in the warehouse! If your current pallet jack isn’t meeting the demands of your growing business, consider purchasing a few more jacks or investing in larger ones.

If you need a new pallet jack, be sure to reach out to Lamberson Packaging Solutions. Our fair prices and wide range of products make us one of the top pallet jack suppliers in Ohio.

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