Tips to Pack Like a Pro

We all know the importance of packing items to ship—if you’re careless with the way the items are packaged, they’ll likely end up crushed, broken, dented or otherwise damaged on their way to their destination. The more fragile your items, the more likely you’ll have a lot of disappointed customers.

Good packing starts with quality supplies from a packaging material supplier in Ohio. To ensure that every item ends up in pristine condition at its destination, follow these tips—and make sure to visit Lamberson Packaging Solutions to get the materials you need:

  • Pick the right size box: The box you choose is the most crucial component of your shipping success. If the box is too big, you risk the items rattling around during the shipping process. You need a box that will comfortably fit the items, plus enough room for padding and cushioning. It should go without saying, but you need to remove all other labels and bar codes from the box before you ship.
  • Wrap your items individually: Next, wrap your items individually, and if they come in pieces (such as glass dishes with lids), that includes wrapping those pieces separately, too. This protects the items from banging against each other and breaking.
  • Provide plenty of cushion: Cushioning the items can be done with anything from environmentally-friendly packing peanuts to heavy, crumpled-up brown paper. The key is to pick a cushioning material that won’t compact during shipping. Crumpled paper will compress if it’s used to cushion heavy items, but Styrofoam will not.
  • Use shipping tape: Securing your package will help guarantee that it doesn’t fall open and spill out while traveling to its destination. That means you have to use the right kind of tape—don’t skimp on this step and try to use Scotch tape or masking tape. Use heavy-duty shipping tape for best results.
  • Do not wrap your box: Some people ship packages by wrapping brown paper around a manufacturer’s box, writing the address on it and calling it a day. Unfortunately, paper can get caught on machinery and rip off, leaving behind a product with no way to tell where it’s supposed to go.
  • Use only one address label: Print one address label with the complete shipping information and use that on the box exterior. Carriers need all the information (including your phone number) so they can alert you if there’s a problem with shipping.
  • Stick an extra label in the box: By putting an extra shipping label in the box, carriers will be able to complete the shipping process even if the label is partially or completely torn off.

Packing like a pro is easy when you follow these tips and don’t try to cut corners. For premium packaging materials in Ohio, Lamberson Packaging Solutions is a supplier with everything you need to safely ship your items and ensure they arrive at their destination in one piece. Reach out to us today to place your order—we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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