How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

Moving your home or office is a very stressful time filled with activity and anxiety. You’re worried about getting settled in your new place, making sure that all of your belongings will fit and stressing over everyone doing their part in making sure the process is smooth and seamless.

One thing in particular that many people worry about is furniture. When you’re trying to protect your furniture when moving in Ohio, there are a number of steps you can take to make sure you’re keeping all of your items safe. Reassembling these pieces at your wonderful new home will be easy as can be if you follow the steps below from the professionals at Lamberson Packaging Solutions.

Have the proper supplies on hand

When you’re getting ready to move, it’s imperative that you have the proper tools on hand. You’re going to need a number of items to help keep your furniture safe. Moving blankets are one of the most crucial tools you can use, and many moving companies will provide some of these with your truck for a small extra charge. These blankets help pad the sides and corners of your furniture and help protect them from banging into each other in the truck. To protect furniture when moving in Ohio, you need to minimize this type of contact, so these blankets plus a healthy amount of bubble wrap can go a long way towards keeping the edges and sides of furniture free of nicks.

Dismantle everything in advance

There’s a simple rule of thumb when it comes to moving: if something can be disassembled, then you’ll probably want to disassemble it. This is particularly true when it comes to furniture. Large items like couches or beds should be taken apart as much as possible, as this means you’ll be able to pack them more efficiently. A large, cumbersome item like a bed is difficult to fit into a truck and can fall, damaging your other items in the process. However, if you’re just trying to fit the component parts of the bed into the truck, rather than the whole thing in its assembled state, it will be much easier to find spots around the truck where you can safely and securely wedge them.

Plan ahead and achieve success

How you pack your truck is one of the biggest factors that can help ensure your furniture and other belongings stay safe and protected. You want to make sure you move the heaviest and biggest items in first, and keep them as close as possible to the floor and the cab. This will not only help you protect furniture when moving in Ohio—it will also help you safely drive and control the moving truck.

Moving your items is a specialized process that you want to take seriously and approach with foresight and thought. If you go in with your eyes open and having done your research, you can be sure your furniture is well protected. Properly securing your items and packing your truck will go a long way toward making sure you’re enjoying your new home in no time at all. For the supplies you need, contact Lamberson Packaging Solutions today.

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