Tips for Moving in the Summer

More people move during the summer than in any other season. That’s probably because it has several advantages compared to other times of year. The kids are off from school, work schedules tend to be lighter and there are fewer worries about weather than during the winter.

All that said, moving in the summer presents its own challenges. For one thing, it’s busier than other times of year for movers. You may also have to contend with extreme temperatures. Read on to find out our leading tips for beating the heat and having a successful summer move.

Book your moving company or truck well ahead of time

You want to beat the crowd and reserve your movers or moving truck well in advance. That means you won’t be left scrambling to get things booked at the last minute. While you’re at it, pick up some moving boxes in Bryan, OH so that you can have everything ready to go when the big day comes.

Take special care of items that could be damaged in the heat

One difference with summer is that you need to be a little more careful about the items you’re putting in the truck. For example, candles are one of the leading culprits in hot moving trucks, as they can melt and cause damage to other belongings. Chocolate and other candies may be hidden away as well, especially with kids, causing similar issues. Anything shrink-wrapped may also be a fatality in a move during the hotter months.

You want to invest in quality packaging supplies in Bryan, OH and ensure that everything in the truck is ready to go, no matter the high temperatures. Doing a final inspection of your items before they go into the boxes will pay dividends later.

Heat safety

You’ll want to make sure to have plenty of water on hand come moving day. If you’re moving furniture or boxes yourself, you’re going to sweat and get dehydrated. Pack ice-cold water bottles along with a few snacks to make the day go as smoothly as possible. You may also want to pack some extra drinks for your movers as well.

Pay extra attention to kids and pets

Moving means keeping your house open for hours at a time, leading to decreased efficiency for your air conditioner. Combine that with waiting in areas without shade, and everyone is going to be hot and dehydrated. You may want to have your child and pets stay with a friend or relative for the day so that they can stay cool.

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