Packaging Solutions: How to Pack and Ship Heavy Items

If you’re sending a heavier package, it’s up to you to ensure that the item is packed well enough to arrive at its destination intact. The box needs to be able to withstand getting dropped, temperature changes, vibrations and compression from all sides. Ultimately, the better the packing job, the safer the box will be in transit. Here’s how to pack and ship heavy items from OH:

  • Pack with durability in mind: Always choose durable packaging to ensure whatever you’re sending makes it to its destination in one piece. Carriers recommend corrugated cartons because they are strong enough to withstand the weight of other packages stacked on top of them. It’s best to use new corrugated cartons sealed with reinforced water-activated tape with added protection inside. Line Styrofoam along the bottom, sides and top of the item, then reinforce the bottom of the box with extra layers of reinforced water-activated tape.
  • Wrap and cushion: Heavier items are more likely to shift inside a box, but there are things you can do to restrict movement. Place the item to be shipped in the center of the box so it doesn’t shift around in transit. Encase the item in a thick layer of bubble wrap or air pillows and fill in any empty spaces inside the box. Crumpled newspaper and packing paper are not ideal cushion material for heavier items, as they will compress during shipment.
  • Double up on boxes: If you feel that the item in the packed and cushioned box could use an additional measure of protection, place the prepared box into another, larger box. You may want to leave at least two inches of clearance between the two boxes. Pad the empty space between the inner and outer boxes with air pillows.
  • Use water-activated tape: The best packing tape for heavier items is fiber-glass reinforced water-activated tape. Water-activated tape bonds to corrugated shipping boxes, which can protect them from opening during their journey. Using this type of tape is not mandatory, but you do need to use a tape designed specifically for sealing shipping boxes.
  • Break up heavy shipments: Boxes containing overly heavy items are more likely to break-in transit or be dropped by handlers. To avoid these problems, make sure you’re not making boxes too heavy. If the item is especially heavy and has several components, consider taking the item apart and placing individually-wrapped parts into multiple boxes.
  • Shake it: Once the heavy item is wrapped, packed and sealed with water-activated tape inside a durable shipping box, give it a shake. The shipment should not be able to move around inside the box—no sliding, banging or thumping. Boxes containing multiple items or components must be secured inside—otherwise, they can move around and smash more fragile objects, or even crush protective packing material.

Now that you have a better idea of how to ship heavy items from OH, it’s time to place your order for essential packing supplies through Lamberson Packaging Solutions. Reach out to learn more about our selection!

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