A Guide to Keeping Food Fresh During Shipping

Being far away from home for any length of time can be tough. Whether you’re off to school, you’re traveling on business or you’re relocating permanently, adjusting to a new place and missing the details from your old home are only natural. When you’re homesick, few things offer the same level of relief as a bit of homemade food. A tray of beloved cookies or a familiar home-cooked meal to reheat can make a huge difference when it arrives on your new doorstep.

Of course, the only challenge is getting the food from one place to another so it can deliver on the comfort it was made to provide. If you’re sending someone a care package with fresh food in it and you’re curious how to ship food properly in Ohio, here are some tips to make sure that your dish reaches its final destination intact and as delicious as you’d hoped.

Minimize movement

No matter what you’re moving, one of your two primary goals when shipping food is to make sure that it isn’t going to bounce and slide around as the box is being transported. Your box may experience a bumpy ride, but your food shouldn’t have to.

Control the temperature

The second goal to focus on when you want to know how to ship food properly in Ohio is the temperature. If you’re shipping dry goods, temperature isn’t an issue. If you are sending a dish through the mail that needs to be kept cold, however, then you’ll need the right kind of insulation for the job. Foam packaging is very effective when you want to keep cold things cool.

Pack baked goods in airtight containers

Any baker can tell you that, when it comes to baked goods, air is the enemy. From the moment you pull your fresh cookies or brownies from the oven, the air around them is conspiring to infiltrate that moist, delicious surface and turn it into something dry and stale. To combat that problem when sending food through the mail, consider putting any baked goods in containers that will not allow air inside.

Spring for extra shipping

Hopefully it goes without saying, but just in case, when you’re shipping food through the mail, your top priority should be getting the food to its destination as quickly as possible. That’s why it’s always smart to chip in a little extra money for overnight delivery.

All the packaging materials you could want

At Lamberson Packaging Solutions, we have all the packaging materials you need to make sure your food stays fresh and in one piece as it travels to its destination. Even better, we know how to ship food properly in Ohio, which means we can provide the necessary education our clients need to make sure their parcels arrive safely and on time.

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