How to Use Stretch Film for Packing and Moving

Moving can be a hassle, but when you have the right supplies, it’s a snap. Our favorite moving secret is stretch film—the clingy material is great for a variety of uses. You can bundle boxes together, wrap and condense rugs and protect your artwork and furniture. All that, plus it saves space!

Read on for more detail about how to use stretch film in OH during your next move, and then shop with Lamberson Packaging Solutions. We’re happy to help you decide which stretch film—and how much—is right for your individual project’s needs, as well as supply you with all the other moving supplies you’ll need.

What can I pack with stretch film?

Stretch film is made out of plastic. Both clingy and tear-resistant, it’s great for holding together items both large and small during your move. For example, picture a chest of drawers: the drawers can easily slide out during moving and transportation, but stacking them individually takes up too much space. You don’t want to tape them, lest you damage the paint or finish. Stretch film in OH is the perfect answer. The plastic won’t damage your furniture, but it will hold the drawers firmly shut, even if they’re full. (We always recommend emptying drawers to make furniture easy to lift, but you might choose to leave smaller, lighter pieces full to save space.)

Stretch film is also great for protecting your artwork and delicate furniture. Just wrap it around what you don’t want to be scratched or damaged, and remove it when you get to your new location. You can also use it to bundle rugs or disassembled furniture parts. Bonus: you’ll stay better organized!

How do I use stretch film to pack?

Since stretch film is so clingy, it can be a bit tricky. Once your item is cleaned, emptied and wrapped with whatever padding you’re using, then you can start wrapping it with stretch film in OH. Depending on the item’s size and features, you might want to wrap the item both horizontally and vertically for extra security.

For furniture and bundling boxes or other items today, you’ll probably need two people. One person can hold the item and the second person can walk around, wrapping the item. You won’t need packaging tape because the stretch film will cling to itself, but you should count on wrapping several layers around your bundle.

Stretch film for moving comes in utility-sized packages, and the team at Lamberson Packaging Solutions can help you estimate how much you’ll need for your move. Give us a call or email us today!

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