Pros And Cons of Using Bubble Wrap In Shipments

There are about three common packing materials used when selling or shipping products. At Lamberson Packaging Solutions in Ohio, we provide an array of products designed to protect your products when shipping them. 

However, whether fragile or not, bubble wrap is one of the best options when you want to ship or transport your products. Here are the pros and cons of using bubble wrap in packing and shipping. 

The Pros

Here are the benefits of using bubble wrap. 

Provides Quality Insulation

Bubble wrap provides quality insulation that helps keep your products safe. During shipping, products might be mishandled or face hard hits. So, use wraps to protect your items while in transit. 

It’s Versatile

Bubble wrap can protect and insulate any small cargo. You can cut it into almost any form you need. Its large sheets are malleable enough to wrap and protect any oddly-shaped cargo safely. It can also be used to insulate windows in the summer! With creativity, the possibilities are almost endless! 

It’s Reusable

Don’t throw away your bubble wrap after use! It can be reused unless it’s significantly damaged. You can use bubble wrap if it’s intact to help save costs. Bubble wrap is also great for businesses that offer easy customer returns because it can be set as part of a ready-to-go returns wrap. 

It Helps Relieve Stress 

If you’re stressed, get bubble wrap and pop the bubbles as much as you want. It will help soothe your day’s disappointments. You only need to pop a couple of bubbles. Interestingly, you don’t have to part away with cash for this reason. 

The Cons 

Here are some of the disadvantages of using bubble wrap.

It’s Highly Flammable 

A standard bubble wrap takes 500 degrees of heat to become flammable. But, the product might catch fire quickly and easily because of the mix of oxygen and plastic spheres. It might also produce an irritating smell that causes breathing complications if inhaled. Protect the bubble wrap from catching fire by storing it in a protected area with automatic sprinklers and away from sparks, flames, and high heat. 

 It Takes More Effort To Recycle Bubble Wrap

Unless you intend to reuse bubble wrap immediately, you might have to collect a large amount of this material before a recycling firm accepts it. Recyclables are sold by weight. Unfortunately, as noted earlier bubble wrap is a light material. 

It’s Non-Biodegradable 

Chemically, polymer films break down slowly. So bubble wraps might cause a serious environmental issue by taking up landfill space. Thankfully, many municipalities in the US allow most of the city’s waste materials to be recovered through recycling.  

Contact Lamberson Packaging Solutions, OH, for Premium Packaging Solutions

So, above are the pros and cons of bubble wrap. At Lamberson Packaging Solutions in Ohio, we recommend using certified and branded bubble wraps to benefit from its many pros as much as possible.

Also, combining several packaging materials and bubble wraps is a brilliant idea to beef up the safety of your cargo. Contact us today for premium bubble wrap and other shipping supplies at unbeatably affordable prices. 




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