Shipping Perishables in the Summer

The warmer weather during the summer is certainly great for outdoor activity. However, it can make shipping perishables in the summer a bit of a challenge, with some asking, “Should I ship during the summer?” Sometimes you cannot wait for the fall or winter. The following tips for shipping perishables in the summer will allow you to successfully ship perishables during the summer without worrying about spoilage, melting, or your goods being damaged due to the heat.

Five Tips for Shipping Perishables in the Summer

When shipping an item that could spoil or melt, keeping it secure and from getting too hot is essential.

  1. Pack It Properly: When shipping perishables, you need to pack them correctly, and a standard shipping box simply does not offer the insulation you need. Before boxing up a perishable item, it should be placed in a foam cooler or other packing material designed to retain colder air.
  2. Use Labels: Applying labels indicating a package is perishable can help the shipping process. It informs shipping companies and employees that your items are time-sensitive and should be properly handled. These types of labels also inform those receiving the package that it needs to be correctly stored as soon as possible.
  3. Pre Chill Your Perishables: Your perishable items should be kept in cold storage (such as a refrigerator or freezer) before it is packed for shipping. Moving a perishable directly from a cold environment into an insulated shipping container keeps it colder longer and reduces exposure to heat.
  4. Use Gel Coolants: Similar to an ice pack gel coolant packs keep an insulated box colder longer, allowing time for your shipment to be successfully delivered. In addition, gel packs don’t leak or produce moisture as they warm, which helps keep your shipment safe.
  5. Use Proper Shipping Methods: As perishables are time-sensitive, they need to be shipped in the most efficient way possible. Perishable items should always be shipped overnight when possible to ensure they stay cold. Requiring a signature upon delivery means a shipment is brought indoors quickly and not left outside. You will also want to pay attention to the date, as weekday shipping can reduce weekend delays and increase the chance your recipients are not away from home for the weekend.

Final Thoughts

Hot weather presents challenges when shipping items that are not meant to become too hot. However, careful preparation, shipping materials, timing, and labeling can keep your shipments in good condition and at the right temperature. This allows for shipping of perishables all year round.

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