Tips for Reducing Uncertainty When Shipping Containers

Shipping is at the heart of global trade as millions of tons of goods are shipped worldwide each month. However, as a trader, there’s usually a lot of uncertainty about when the items you are shipping will arrive at their intended destination and whether they will get there safely. Here are 10 shipping container tips for reducing uncertainty.

  • Commence your shipping process early as this will leave you some room to deal with any problems that may arise 
  • Hire experienced freight forwarders with in-depth knowledge of how the logistics industry works and the intricacies of moving cargo
  • Request for extra free days at the shipping terminals to reduce the effect of possible delays that can be caused by weather and other issues
  • Conduct a physical check of the items to be shipped so that you aren’t caught off-guard any issue on arrival
  • Hire an experienced custom agent or broker to your team to get rid of any bureaucratic hurdles
  • Maintain an open line with your shipping line and shipper for effortless communication on matters regarding any changes with the shipment or shipping document
  • Opt for an express release over an original bill of lading to hasten the movement of your cargo
  • Ensure you effectively communicate delivery instructions to all stakeholders to facilitate a trouble-free loading and off-loading process
  • Create a list of reliable cargo movers capable of rerouting cargo quickly
  • Read your contracts carefully and make sure you understand everything clearly

Shipping Tips During Uncertain Times

The recent pandemic almost brought down the global economy as shipping activities worldwide were disrupted. As a businessperson who relies on shipping, here are some shipping tips during uncertain times.

  • Check requirements and look out for alternatives

During uncertain times, it’s vital that you check the requirements of your shipping project in terms of hardware and equipment. Go ahead and look for alternatives that match your requirements and offer lower lead times.

  • Review options in your supply chain

Various distributors and vendor representatives are available for you to leverage in procuring items. Consider picking a distributor inside or outside your comfort zone during uncertain times as long as they have shorter lead times and excellent stock capabilities.

  • Communicate as much as possible

Effective communication can be the difference between a successful shipping endeavor and a failed one during times of crisis. Therefore, as a business, you should communicate as much as possible with the people handling your shipping. This will ensure that all problems are ironed out as soon as they arise, enabling successful shipping.

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