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Tips for Choosing the Right Packaging for Your Products

Every business owner in Ohio can tell you that packaging makes a world of difference. The split decision between a cardboard box and plastic blister pack can make or break product sales. Before you set foot in a packaging material store, review the following tips on how to choose a package design that’s best for […]

What to Look for When Choosing a New Industrial Packing Supplier

Much consideration goes into finding the right suppliers for your business. If you don’t know how to look out for the warning signs, you could end up with industrial shipping supplies that never get delivered on time and are damaged when they finally show up. As you weigh the different options, pay attention to these […]

Pros and Cons of Using Bubble Wrap in Your Shipments

For the longest time, bubble wrap was considered top of the heap when it came to packaging insulation. These plastic sheets of small bubbles could protect anything if it was wrapped in enough layers. Bubble wrap is so prevalent in the world of shipping that it’s become a regular part of our larger culture. While […]

Your Guide to Recyclable Packaging Products

Enterprising packaging and shipping material suppliers know their Ohio consumers seek to create a smaller carbon footprint on this Earth. That means investing in recyclable packaging products. However, this can often become a confusing ordeal, as recyclable materials are not always labeled as such. If you seek greener alternatives for your packaging, here are five […]

What Is Overpackaging?

These days, quality packaging supplies in Ohio are green and less immense. However, whether with good intentions (like protecting shipments) or out of ignorance about environmental harm, many companies and individuals indulge in overpackaging. These practices include adding unnecessary layers of bubble wrap to packages or wrapping each vegetable individually. This is not only harmful, […]