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Your Guide to Recyclable Packaging Products

Enterprising packaging and shipping material suppliers know their Ohio consumers seek to create a smaller carbon footprint on this Earth. That means investing in recyclable packaging products. However, this can often become a confusing ordeal, as recyclable materials are not always labeled as such. If you seek greener alternatives for your packaging, here are five […]

What Is Overpackaging?

These days, quality packaging supplies in Ohio are green and less immense. However, whether with good intentions (like protecting shipments) or out of ignorance about environmental harm, many companies and individuals indulge in overpackaging. These practices include adding unnecessary layers of bubble wrap to packages or wrapping each vegetable individually. This is not only harmful, […]

Things to Look for When Choosing a Shipping Material Supplier

Unlike hiring a plumber or HVAC technician—which can be as easy as performing a quick Google search—choosing the right shipping supplier can be a challenging task. The reason the selection process is hard is that the shipping industry is complicated. Luckily, we’re here to help make your decision easier. This post will cover a few […]

What Is Minimalist Packaging?

Any savvy entrepreneur understands that turning a one-time customer into a repeat customer is about more than providing a great product at an agreeable price. That’s a big part of it, of course, but to keep today’s customers satisfied, you have to construct a smooth, engaging experience from beginning to end. That means making sure […]

Do I Need Edge Protectors on My Boxes?

Shipping is a crucial part of your business. The damage that can occur during shipping can hurt your bottom line. Not only do you want to avoid damaging your product, you also want to ensure your box maintains integrity from the warehouse to your client. There are many opportunities throughout the supply chain for your […]